Taylor Swift performing “Shake it Off” at 2014 VMA

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Taylor talking about Shake It Off

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Except her debut album is like impossible to find in the deluxe edition.

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Nick Jonas, Taylor Swift & Lorde chatting at VMAs 2014

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Nick Jonas dancing to “Shake It Off” [x]

Darn It Nick! Stop being so adorable ^_^

Taylor Swift’s Road to Vegas (HD)

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Taylor Swift on Nicki Minaj for the iHeartRadio Music Festival.

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Happiness is not a constant. It’s something that we only experience glimpses of every once in a while - but it’s worth it.” - Taylor Swift.  (insp)

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Harry’s reaction is so cute (x/x)

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Born in 1989.

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"A relationship is nobody else’s, it’s just yours. This is called Ours."